Solar Hot Water Systems

Earthworker Cooperative

Earthworker has teamed up with the Gippy Bulk Buy partners and are ready to provide quality solar hot water systems to the community!

Earthworker Energy Manufacturing Cooperative, the first Earthworker worker-owned factory – manufacturing and selling high quality solar hot water technology in the heart of Latrobe Valley. The cooperative provides dignified and democratic employment in the region, whilst producing important energy-saving renewable energy technology. 

After years of preparation and an impressive capital raising effort by community members of the Earthworker Cooperative – which saw the acquisition of manufacturing equipment and intellectual property from a long-standing reputable manufacturer – we are now manufacturing at our factory in Morwell.


Hot water heating can account for up to 1/3 of total household energy use! With a range of Earthworker solar hot water options available, including high efficiency heat pumps and evacuated tube systems, there has never been a better time to go solar to heat your water - reducing power bills and supporting new clean-energy-manufacturing jobs in Morwell!

Download brochure here.


For more information contact Dan on 0432-485-869, or, via email

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This is a program from Latrobe, Baw Baw and Wellington Shire Councils, the Latrobe Community Power Hub,

and powered by the Yarra Energy Foundation. Installs performed by small, local, solar companies. Eko Energy is the solar provider.