Our Solar Donation

About the solar donation:

The Latrobe Valley Community Power Hub partnered with the Yarra Energy Foundation, as well as the Baw Baw, Wellington and Latrobe City councils to deliver this 12-month solar bulk buy program for affordable and quality solar products available to local households and businesses.

As part of this partnership, the Yarra Energy Foundation agreed to donate a percentage of solar sold in the program to a local community group. This donation will be for a 4.4kW system.

Community interest is among the various selection criteria which will be used to determine the final site chosen to be given the GBB solar donation. This is your chance to influence the final decision by voting for one of the three sites nominated that you would like to see receive the donation.

You can cast your vote at the bottom of this page.

How sites were selected:

The three council areas as well as the Power Hub nominated three sites each. These were evaluated on their community benefits and service reach, potential savings with solar, roof suitability, as well as power usage and usage compatibility with solar, among other things.

The sites with the greatest potential benefits, suitability for solar instillation and/or savings predicted after installation from each of the councils and the Power Hub, became the three sites to be presented to the public for voting.

Sites nominated for donation:

Location: Warragul

Description: Boxing is a fantastic way to improve overall fitness, strength and confidence while learning a sport for both males and females. The Warragul Boxing Club Inc. has been operating since 2009 and is affiliated with Boxing Victoria and The Australian Amateur Boxing Association, which sends representatives to national and international bouts, along with the Commonwealth Games and the Olympics.

Who owns the building: Baw Baw Shire

Who pays the bills: The gym is managed by a community committee who pay the council for the electricity at the site each year


Website: www.warragulboxingclub.org.au


Location: Loch Sport

Description: The Community Centre is a big part of the community’s and visitors lives as the closest township is 56 km away, they must rely more on themselves. The centre provides a valuable place for people to meet and make friends and enjoy activities daily such as creative workshops, ballroom dancing classes, yoga classes, music practice for bands and a meeting place for the Lions Club and Senior Citizens Club. Being located next to the Lakes National Park means that environmental consideration and solutions are also a strong focus for this community site.

Who owns the building: Wellington Shire.

Who pays the bills: The Committee of Management pays the bills directly.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Loch-Sport-Public-Hall-624098587731738

Website: www.lochsportcrg.org.au



Location: Morwell

Description: Interchange Gippsland supports over 400 people and their families living with a disability, providing choice and reliable, high quality, flexible services. The volunteer Board of Management of Gippsland's most respected provider of disability services is supported by 130 volunteers and staff. They believe in equality and envisage a community which values all people with a disability. All programs are based on individual needs and aspirations, aiming to create fun and meaningful experiences. With NDIS funding, there is one-to-one services, skills development, recreational activity, respite and family support. They are also currently planning for an Aboriginal Family Camp. Testimonial: "Lately, I have been struggling with my own mental health. I was able to relax a bit, knowing that my son was enjoying the Interchange camp with his friends" said one mother.

Who owns the building: Interchange

Who pays the bills: Interchange

Facebook: www.facebook.com/interchangegippsland

Website: www.icg.asn.au

VOTE NOW: Which community organisation would you like to see receive the Gippy Bulk Buy solar donation?

This is a program from Latrobe, Baw Baw and Wellington Shire Councils, the Latrobe Community Power Hub,

and powered by the Yarra Energy Foundation. Installs performed by small, local, solar companies. Eko Energy is the solar provider.