Battery Ready

Battery Storage has come a long way in recent years, and is reaching a tipping point for residential use. As prices continue to rise for grid energy, the demand for battery storage and greater energy independence is stronger than ever. While advancements in technology and greater competition are driving down costs, the fact remains that for most households battery storage is still beyond reach. Generally, households will save more money and see better payback periods from an appropriately-sized, grid-connect solar-only system as opposed to a solar-plus-storage system.

Off-grid properties

Of course, there are exceptions to this generalisation. Many properties across Gippsland are not connected to the grid, and so for them batteries are a necessity. For these residents, battery storage options now on offer are a fantastic way to upgrade their systems.

Early Adopters

Batteries are also appropriate for those who consider themselves 'early adopters' – people who are excited by this technology and want to be part of the cutting edge advancements as soon as they become available.

Many energy experts predict that battery storage prices are expected to drop 30% annually over the coming years. It is a decision that residents and businesses must weigh up – whether to install batteries and start saving on grid energy now, or wait until prices drop in coming years.

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This is a program from Latrobe, Baw Baw and Wellington Shire Councils, the Latrobe Community Power Hub,

and powered by the Yarra Energy Foundation. Installs performed by small, local, solar companies. Eko Energy is the solar provider.